About Us

Kalerm is a professional fully automatic coffee machine designer and manufacturer in China.

Kalerm team originates from the great passion of coffee. Our mission is to create the greatest degree of pleasure and good coffee experience.

With experienced engineering team, leading manufacturing facility and certified quality system, Kalerm is dedicated in designing and producing high quality coffee machines for all customers.

R&D Capability

Kalerm’s R&D work is remarkable International Collaboration.

We have 3 consultants from Europe coffee machine industry. They have contributed much on the industry design, grinding and brewing system and coffee taste of our fully automatic coffee machines.

We still have 25 engineers from Kalerm internal team, who are concentrating on the structure and electronic designs. They are all well-trained and sophisticated experts in the coffee machine industry.

Consequently, the perfect integration guarantees Kalerm to move quickly and stably in recent years.

Quality Guarantee

Quality is life.

Kalerm cares for the safety of consumers through strict inspections on our coffee machine products before they are placed to the market.

It's crucial to arrange constant monitoring of the production process with MES system.

Accordingly, our products are certified by CE, CB, GS, EMC, GOST, SA, KC, PSE, CQC, CCC, etc.

Kalerm is positive in quality controls even for the machines on the market, in order to guarantee continued compliance with the standards.

Kalerm Honor

We have an experienced Italy industry designer for coffee machine outlooks, and our KLM1601 model has won the German Reddot Design Award. Besides this, we still have awards like Plus X for ease of use and Red Star for design.

Moreover, our internal coffee maker R&D team has achieved no less than 100 patents in China.

Global Market

As leading China coffee machine supplier, Kalerm automatic coffee machines have been sold to 45 countries and areas.


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